STAEDTLER 187 C6 Noris Colour Triangular Pencils – Assorted Colours (Pack of 6)

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Colour Assorted
Material Wood
Unit count 6.0 count
Style Triangular Pencil
Item dimensions L x W x H 20 x 4.4 x 0.9 centimetres

  • Coloured pencil in ergonomic triangular shape for relaxed and easy drawing
  • Increased break resistance and attractive design
  • Cardboard box containing 6 assorted colours
  • Wood from PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forests
  • Innovative WOPEX material with ergonomic soft surface


From the manufacturer

Noris Colour 187
Noris Colour 187

The very best for our environment

Our Noris pencils are manufactured using the smallest wood chips in order to make full use of wood as a raw material and thus save resources.

Noris Colour 187

Certified wood

The upcycled wood originates from mainly German, PEFC-certified forests managed in an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable manner.

Noris Colour 187

High break-resistance

The modern manufacturing process makes this pencil particularly robust, which is noticeable for example, in the lead‘s high break-resistance.

Noris Colour 187

Short supply routes

Our Made from Upcycled Wood pencils are developed and manufactured in Germany: This is how we ESNURE long-lasting and high-quality products.

Noris Colour 187

The very best for our environment

Noris Colour 187

Certified wood

Noris Colour 187

High break-resistance

Noris Colour 187

Short supply routes

Noris Colour 187

From chip to pencil

In addition to classic wood-cased pencils made from wooden slats, STAEDTLER also produces high-quality coloured pencils using wood chips. These chips are created using residual or waste products from the sawing and planning processes in the wood processing industry, meaning the raw wood material is used even more efficiently.

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  1. jessies mum

    lovely pale shades.I didn’t read the reviews on these Staedtler pencils prior to buying and I now notice how many are poor reviews. So, I ordered my pencils and then dreaded them arriving thinking I’d made a mistake buying them. Well, I ordered and within 2 days they arrived. I opening the box I was disappointed the pencils weren’t in a plastic case like my other Staedtler products are but still, it’s a nice box and if I’d read the reviews I probably would of know! The pencils are a lovely wide range of colours and I tried each one so I could see for myself how easy they are to colour with and if like the reviews they were going to disappoint. The colour shades are really nice andI have no trouble colouring with them. They’re certainly not a disappointment to me! Beautiful shades and I can’t wait to get started with them!

    jessies mum

  2. lucy barrett

    But different pencilsThese pencils are very hard to colour with. I’m very disappointed. They seem to be plastic and wax like. You have to press very hard to get a decent colour. By doing this the quality of colouring is reduced and also makes colouring tiresome

    lucy barrett

  3. Mrs. M

    A bit disappointingPurchased along with a colouring book for adult colouring during the lockdown. I had not built up any expectation of the product as a pencil is a pencil. Not having purchased this type of product since the children were young, I was a bit disappointed when I started to use them.I remember coloured pencil leads being soft and easy to colour/shade. Many of the pencils were difficult to get any colour from them without a lot of pressure and you have to angle the pencil sideways to obtain any colour – don’t be mistaking thinking colour comes from the pencil pointed end. The white coloured pencil is of no use at all as produces – and two more orangey coloured ones just leave faint scratchy lines when using. The pencils are very hard and difficult to shade or blend. Though 24 colours, some of them are very much the same in use, it’s like having duplicates in the box. There are no vibrant colours, I’d describe the colours as pale and if a colour of depth is required it takes some doing and at risk of scratching through your colouring page.Whilst the pencils do their job, I would have liked a softer pencil lead that I could have worked better with and had 24 defined colours. I’m not too sure how a child would use these with the amount of pressure required. On a positive, the pencils do not break even under immense pressure so likely they will last a long time and not require much sharpening.As there are two similar sets with different numbers, maybe I have just ordered the wrong ones for the purpose.For the price this pencil set is quite good, but for me I find them limiting.

    Mrs. M

  4. Miss A B

    Lovely good quality set for a childThese were bought as a Diwali present for my 3 year old who loves colouring. She was thrilled to have such a range of colours available as we previously only had a set of around 10 pencils.They were easy for her to use and they have fallen on the wooden floor a number of times and we have not had any breakages.I feel a few of the colours are very similar and could have been replaced with another shade but overall we are very happy with these pencils.We found the box they came in not to be very durable for a young child so have bought a clear pencil case to store them in so that she can see which colours she has/needs.We have also since bought the pack of 24 from this range as part of a present for her cousin.

    Miss A B

  5. Lauren.

    Very nice coloursI really liked these colouring pencils. I don’t get the bad reviews…if you know how to colour then they work very well and create such lovely colouring. Good brand and very good price.


  6. Sophie M

    Brilliant!Ordered these because I had then before but they all became very short and unusable. Best pencils for colouring as hobby, probably not for people wanting to use them professionally like art for university but they’re brilliant for colouring books or adding to art. Theyre amazkng value for money and i wont be changing the pencils i use any time soon!PS Cardboard packaging is a bit flimsy and rips easily but they can be transferred to a pencil case, so grab one a head of time!

    Sophie M

  7. KC

    Rubbish pencils!I read the reviews before buying these and there was a lot of great one’s and a couple of not so great one’s so I thought that I’d just risk it, they are £4 so if they weren’t good then I wouldn’t use them well…these aren’t good & I won’t be using them from now on! I bought these because they were recommended to me with a colouring book that I had purchased and I thought these would be easy to use with it because why would they recommend them? These are so HARD to colour in with, you have to put a lot of pressure on the pencils so even get a colour out of it otherwise it’s very faded but when you do that the pencils seem like they are about to snap in half and I don’t feel like you could really blend with these and I did try – they just wouldn’t do it. I’ve ended up putting these in the bin.


  8. Irene Lorna Lawrence

    I was disappointed, because they’re just a step up from the …These pencils are maybe ok for small children that don’t really take colouring too seriously. The colours are a bit washy washy, and I’ve come across hard bits in the lead that scratch the paper. I was disappointed, because they’re just a step up from the cheapest pencils you get for free with a toddlers colouring book.

    Irene Lorna Lawrence