STAEDTLER 121-S BK5D Noris pencils in assorted grades, pack of 5

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Colour Black
Material Lead
Pattern Assorted
Unit count 5.0 count
Style Noris Assorted Degrees
Item dimensions L x W x H 23.5 x 6.6 x 0.9 centimetres
Item hardness 2B, HB

  • High quality pencil for drawing, sketching, shading and writing
  • Break-resistant through special lead formulation and super-bonded lead
  • Pack of 5 Noris pencils in assorted grades: 2B, B, HB, H, 2H – ideal for school and office use
  • Wood content from PEFC-certified German forests
  • Made from WOPEX material in a highly efficient production method


High quality pencil for drawing, sketching, shading and writing. Break-resistant through special lead formulation and super-bonded lead. Pack of 5 Noris pencils in assorted grades: 2B, B, HB, H, 2H. Wood content from PEFC-certified German forests. Ideal for school and office use.

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  1. The Very Angry Maker

    Superb, Been Using for 30 Plus YearsI have been using Staedtler branded pencils for over 30 years since I was in primary school and I still use them today.Every year I easily go through about 50 of these pencils in my workshop through normal use but also I have a habit of losing them among the wood shavings and dust.They are a great all rounder graphite pencil that are strong and sharpen well and not anything like those cheap and awful Chinese made pencils which when sharpened their leads just break all the time. The pencils hexagon shape feels good in the hand even for extended periods of time and helps with grip to control the pencil during use. The eraser on the end works very well and is high quality again nothing like cheap erasers which end up tearing up the paper as opposed to erasing pencil marks.In the workshop these pencils get knocked about and dropped pretty much constantly but never had a problem with broken leads these things just keep working as intended regardless of the abuse given.Definitely a high quality affordable pencil that I will continue to use for another 30 years.

    The Very Angry Maker

  2. limner

    Good value pencils for when you want a harder lead.This mixed pack of the reliable Staedtler Noris pencils are good value. You get a 2B,B,HB,H and 2H in a blister pack. I use these pencils for tracing and transferring designs where you need a solid, hard lead. I feel Staedtler’s grades are harder than other brands so look elsewhere for my soft sketching pencils, saving these for where I need a clean line. They sharpen and erase well, don’t break easily and keep their point well. These are a good set for technical drawing and the occasions when you need a harder lead.


  3. Constance

    Just what I was looking for.I have been looking around for ages now for some good pencils with a rubber that actually works. Most end of pencil rubbers are hard and just leave an ugly smudge. I asked a question about the efficiency of the rubbers at the end of these pencils from other buyers on Amazon and the replies were mainly positive. I am delighted now that I have actually got a box of these pencils. They are the best I have ever had.


  4. Kid Ferrous

    The best pencils money can buyI have used Staedtler pencils for many years as I consider them to be the best available. The lead is strong and they sharpen well. Being an avid crossword fan I go through a lot of these during a year as I love the convenience of a sturdy, reliable pencil and an eraser tip. This pack is tremendous value for money as you get 10 quality pencils which will last ages.

    Kid Ferrous

  5. DDR

    Quality pencilsIt seems daft to write a review of something as simple as a pencil. However, I’ve found a lot of (cheap) modern pencils have breaks in the lead all the way up the pencil making them impossible to sharpen or use.These pencils have no such issues and are of very high quality. The eraser at the end is highly convenient and there’s something deeply nostalgic about these black and yellow pencils that makes them pleasurable to use.


  6. Fusspot

    Very surprised but disappointedI have used these pencils for many years and would not have hesitated to buy again but the last two lots I bought have broken leads. So, once bitten twice shy with this product unfortunately. A nightmare to sharpen since they keep breaking. The only redeeming features are the eraser tips.However, I am tired of starting off with long pencils and ending up with short ones within a few moments and without using them!Last time I waste my money on these.Surprised because they were very good value in the past.


  7. HV Engineer

    It’s a pencil.What can I say about a pencil? This is a good quality product that sharpens well. The graphite core sits nestled in the centre of the wood centrally and does not not split when sharpened. The wood is good quality as well as it doesn’t splinter when sharpened.The colour and general design of the pencil is excellent. I would never mistake it as anything other than a pencil which is useful, especially if I needed a pencil.The pencil works well in its normal ‘drawing’ mode and comes free with multilingual support allowing you to write actual words in different languages effortlessly. Spell check leaves a lot to be desired but I think that mainly comes down to operator error although they say a good workman always blames his tools. The only disadvantage to this item is that it only operates in one colour, although you can vary the shade. Oh, and it doesn’t come with instructions but it is very intuitive. You could actual write your own instructions with it if you so choose (ha ha, ahem)Ironically I am writing this review without the pencil but I am confident that I could pick it up at anytime and use it without having to charge it first or change its batteries.Another feature that I forgot to mention is its practical use as a coffee stirrer. My coffee tasted exceptional after gently agitating the milk, water and instant coffee for a few seconds. It enhanced the flavour and coffee drinking experience better than any scalded finger could.Overall I am pleased with its purchase and would buy it again if I needed to.I hope you enjoyed this review, that’s two minutes that you’re never getting back.

    HV Engineer

  8. Maggie Foster

    I like these pencilsI use them for general drawing and they can manage a fair range of shading. I wouldn’t say they are better than having a set of soft and sharp pencils if you are serious about drawing. I like them also for drawing the back grounds to Celtic knows before filling the lines with marker because they stay sharp quite a while but rub out fairly easily. A good around pencil.

    Maggie Foster