COLOP Micro 2 Stamp Pad – Black | 109666 | Rubber Stamp Ink Pad – 110x70mm

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Size 1
Brand Colop
Material Plastic, Other
Shape Rectangular

  • Can be re-inked using COLOP 801 ink


Product Description

COLOP Inks and Ink Pads

COLOP Spare Pads, Stamp Pads and Inks

Impressive prints only with COLOP original pads and inks!

Replacement pads specifically produced to fit COLOP self-inking stamps perfectly.

Rubber stamp ink pads made from high quality materials to ensure durability.

Vibrant inks for crisp clear impressions.

Quality makes a difference

COLOP replacement ink pads

High quality ink

Replacement Ink Pads

Clean & Simple

Swapping COLOP replacement pads ils clean and simple – just push out your old pad, and slide in the new one.

High Quality Inks

COLOP inks are document proof and non toxic. They are also produced with an anti dry out formula to make them last even longer

Long Lasting

Every COLOP replacement pad and stam pad will give thousands of crisp and clear imprints

COLOP self-inking replacement pads

Document proof certified

Rubber stamp ink pads

Various Colours

Each COLOP repalcement pad for self-inking stamps is available in 5 standard colours: black, blue, green, red and violet.

For date stamps, replacement pads also come in a 2 colour format which will print your text in blue and date in red.

Pads are also availabe uninked for use with your own waterbased inks.

Certified Document Proof

All of COLOP’s standard inks are document proof.

Sturdy Stamp Pads

All of COLOP’s rubber stamp pads, whether in a plastic or metal casing are sturdy and made to last.

COLOP replaceement pads, inks, and stamp pads

Discover the range…

COLOP self-inking replacement pads

COLOP Top Pads

COLOP Micro stamp pads

COLOP Replacement Pads

Electronically inked original stamp pads offer the highest colour intensity and imprint quality.

For use with COLOP self-inking stamps.

COLOP Top Pads

COLOP XXL stamp pads, ideal for use with extra-large hand stamps, rocker stamps and number stamps.

Usable with all current stamp inks (oil- or water-based).

COLOP Micro Stamp Pads

The accessory for traditional hand stamps. Available with a solid plastic- and metal housing and in 3 sizes.

Available in 5 standard ink colours: black, blue, green, red or violet.

Uninked pads are also available for use with your own waterbased inks.

COLOP 801 stamp pad ink

COLOP EOS refresher ink

COLOP 801 Standard Ink

To re-ink or refresh stamp pads with foam or felt pads.

Available in 5 standard colours: black, blue, green, red or violet.


Oil-based inks for COLOPs EOS flash stamps and motivational school stamps. Document proof as standard.

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  1. Kayleigh

    Impressive good quality!Really impressed with this ink! I sell prints on Etsy and I bought this ink to use with a stamp I had made for printing on envelopes sent to customers. I only had to dab the ink a couple of times not even very firmly and it printed out perfectly as shown in the images! I’m really impressed with the solid colour it gives out and how easy and quick it was to use. I think it looks great on both white paper and the brown envelopes – really clear on both! Absolutely perfect for what I needed it for!


  2. Macca

    Good quality.I bought this so that the undertakers could take the hand and fingerprints of my late Mum. I’m going to get a tattoo of them. It has worked perfectly and I’m really pleased with the results.


  3. Ryan Heatherly

    Good enough for taking finger printsCame with ink preloaded . I needed it to take my prints to renew my passport during lockdown.Be careful not to press too hard down on the pad as that would smudge your prints. I would recommend gently pressing down on the pad and then pressing your finger a spare piece of paper just to dry the ink slightly before you use it on the intended document

    Ryan Heatherly

  4. Mlou

    Very pleasedI hope the pictures will help you judge the good size of this ink pad. Look at the width of my stamp compared to how large the pad is in my pics. This ink is moist and leaves a very crisp image. I like to stamp clay, cards, resin and much more and this ink will do the job. Hope my review helps


  5. KC

    5 ⭐️I bought this so I could take paw prints of my dogs. This is great for that – I noticed that a few people have seen that it seemed very dried out but I didn’t have a problem with this at all. It worked perfectly for what I needed it for and will be keeping it to use for scrapbooking.


  6. Claudia Higgins

    Great value for moneyI bought this unload because it looked like good value for money, and I’m really pleased with it. It has a bigger pad area than lots of the other ones on Amazon, and it’s well saturated with ink, and transfers nicely using a rubber stamp.It doesn’t seem to bleed on any of the paper I’ve used it on, and gives a solid, opaque print.

    Claudia Higgins

  7. nazu

    Great Size!!I was very surprised that this pad was exceptionally large and its a very good price t it as well. i only purchased this as i needed it for a country that only does fingerprint signing rather signatures. i must say the ink does last long i printed my prints on my arm and its still there. the moisture of the pad is reall good and excellent quality. i would definitely recommend.


  8. Lisa Wilson

    Arrived dried outThis is supposed to come inked, but it’s very dried out and useless. It’s not worth my time to package it for return and take it to the post office.

    Lisa Wilson